Since the Strasbourg Convention in 2008, EDINNA has become a new stakeholder in the IWT sector. EDINNA has given itself a very ambitious working programme.

Besides organisational matters, a strong focus is put on the aim of harmonising European inland navigation education and training. Not only, concerning the learning outcomes, but also by looking closer at the use of training equipment and simulators. The educational network focuses on Exchange Programmes as well as the use of communication and language in the Inland Waterway Transport Sector.

EDINNA has – amongst others – participated in the following activities:

PLATINA – Joint Working Group

PLATINA – “Joint Working Group on professional competencies”
At the aforementioned Round Table of the CCNR on education and training in June 2008, PLATINA offered support to the Social Partners in order to proceed their work on professional profiles. EDINNA as well as the CCNR followed the initiative and a first meeting of a Joint Working Group was organized in January 2009 in order to jointly discuss standards for professional competencies. The Joint Working Group consisted of of: Secretariat of Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine, European Barge Union, EDINNA, European Transport Workers’ Federation, European Skippers Organisation, Platina, Secretariats of the Danube Commission and the Sava Commission. The Joint Working Group met on a regular basis and has developed the first draft of the Consolidated Tables of STCIN Competencies for Operational and Management Level.

Social Partner Meetings

EDINNA has a strong link with the employers as well as the employees’ association. The European employers’ associations (European Barge Union and European Skippers Organisation) as well as the European employees’ association (European Transport Workers’ Federation) were members of the Joint Working Group. EDINNA held various presentations at the Sectoral Social Dialogue for Inland Navigation on the concept of the “Standards of Training and Certification in Inland Navigation” (STCIN).

European Commission

EDINNA is one of the stakeholders in various meetings. A.o. EDINNA was invited to the stakeholder meetings of the Impact Assessment studies executed by the European Commission on the recognition of boatmaster certificates as well as manning requirements.EDINNA participated in various NAIADES II consultatation and implementation meetings and was a stakeholder during the work of the Common Expert Group on Professional Qualifications and Training Standards.

Frequently, EDINNA joined the Common Expert Group on Social Issues in Inland Navigation, as installed by the European Commission


EDINNA was officially recognized as a non-governmental organization in 2011 and participates in various Working Groups, a.o. on the use of simulators for education, asessment and examination.


EDINNA is an active stakeholder of the UNECE and has been requested to participate at the UNECE technical Working Group on Safety and Navigation Requirements in June 2009. From 2011 onwards EDINNA has been requested to give various presentations on the development of the STCIN during the “Working Party on the standardisation of technical and safety requirements in Inland Navigation”.