The EDINNA newsletter, Spring edition 2022

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 EDINNA General Assembly

When: Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Where: Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Varna, Bulgaria

Our final program is coming soon

Q&A regarding implementation EU directive 2017/2397

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, EDINNA organized an online Q&A for its members. With more than 35 participants from various countries, it was a well-filled online question round. A short summary you can find here

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European Training Record Book (ETRB)

We encourage all European Inland navigation schools and training institutions to start using the new and uniform European Training Record Book. More information in the extra newsletter

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Babylonian confusion of tongues in inland navigation 

Inland shipping is an international industry, 14 thousand ships are sailing there which transport fuels such as gas oil or dry cargo such as sand and animal feed and they transport containers from the seaports to the hinterland. Sometimes something goes wrong.

In January, a report showed that the number of accidents has increased since 2014. And almost half of those accidents are the result of communication problems. On the 16th of May Mr. Arjen Mintjes from the Maritime Academy in Harlingen was a guest in Pointer, a Dutch radio program, to speak about the use of languages in the inland shipping.

The broadcast (in Dutch) can be heard here.

Save the date – Online EDINNA General Assembly

When: 11-05-2021

Duration: 09:30 – 15:00 CEST

Our final program is coming soon and you will receive a link to the livestream later

Sign up here

We are looking forward to your participation!

The EDINNA newsletter, Spring edition 2021

The latest edition of the  EDINNA newsletter is out now. You can view your copy here.

News from the COMPETING project

The December edition of the COMPETING newsletter is now available. Download your copy here.

The EDINNA newsletter, winter edition 2020

The last newsletter of this year is out now! Download your copy right here.

The EDINNA newsletter is out now!

The latest edition of the EDINNA newsletter is out now. You can view your copy here.

News from the #IWTS project

The latest Newsletter of the #IWTS project is out now! Download your copy here.

The German-Dutch project ‘MariX’ for maritime training has started!

How can you make young people between the ages of 12 and 14 enthusiastic about a career in the maritime sector? That is one of the questions to which the MariX Interreg project must formulate an answer.

MariX is a German-Dutch partnership. Eight partners work together within the project; two companies, an association and five (scientific) educational institutions, of which the Maritime Academy is one. Project management is in the hands of the German company MARIKO.

The maritime sector is struggling with a number of challenges in both Germany and the Netherlands. One of them is the poor image of the sector, which is partly the result of negative media reports in recent years. This has created a distorted picture of the sector among young people; no career prospects, long leave from home, dirty work, etc. Recruiting personnel for shipping and shipbuilding is therefore difficult.

Improving the profile and arousing interest and curiosity among young people for the maritime sector already starts at school. The project therefore focuses on concrete activities to attract students to the maritime sector. The approach includes the development of innovative theoretical and practical teaching materials, the setting up of an annual ‘Maritime Training Day’ at companies in the sector (shipyards or port, for example) and the organization of two school excursions, where students from both countries come together, get to know companies and work together on maritime themes.

You can download the official press release (in Dutch) here. Please feel free to spread the news!


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IWT simulator availability and usage

The board of EDINNA would like to ask its members, on behalf of CESNI, to help make an inventory of the available IWT simulators within the training institutes. There has been an inventory of simulators and its use in the past, but much has changed in subsequent years. More and more training institutes are now using simulators or have expanded and/or modernized existing facilities. And of course, since then many members have joined EDINNA. In short, it is time for a new inventory!

If you want to inform EDINNA about your IWT simulator facilities, please fill out this form as completely as possible. It would be nice if you also have images and/or film material of your simulator available.

We would be very grateful if you took the time to fill out the form. It can really help us gain insight into the current situation and the availability and use of IWT simulators in Europe and beyond.

Please send your form and any additional visual material before August 15 2020 to:

Thank you!


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COMPETING at a glance

Download here your COMPETING factsheet.

Online EDINNA meeting

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the General Assembly (GA) was unable to proceed this month. We were really looking forward to meeting everyone in Varna. But instead of a meeting in Bulgaria, we are planning an online meeting on the 27th of May 2020 from 14:00 – 16:30 CEST. The meeting is not a replacement for the GA, as we hope to move the meeting to the end of this year.

During the online meeting on the 27th of May we would very much like to hear how everybody is coping with the situation and we are hoping that you are willing to share your experiences. The current situation demands a lot from everyone and it requires a lot of adaptability. We would like to know how our members and their educational institutions organized themselves, what restrictive measures and procedures were adopted and especially how the education, training and courses were conducted, both theoretical and practical parts of it.

Knowing what documents, teaching materials, tests, online platforms, educational films etc. are being used and sharing these materials between us would maybe help us finding a possible common methodology or any other means to be more efficient while also applying the new rules and regulations.

Especially now it is very important being united in our efforts. Sharing best practices may also support any institution, whether or not they are members of our network, especially those most in need.

Apart from sharing our thoughts and experiences the EDINNA board will also have some time to exchange some information and inform you on the latest developments.

We would be very happy if everybody can join the online meeting on May the 27th! Please let us know before the 22nd of May.

If you want to participate you can fill in this registration form. We will then provide you with additional details and an agenda of the online meeting later on.

Cancellation General Assembly 2020

Everyone  undoubtedly is following the coverage of the Corona virus in the news. The situation is deteriorating all over Europe and beyond and due to that our Bulgarian host the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy has decided to cancel the General Assembly which is planned for coming May.

We understand the decision, of course, and will now have to look for a solution. For now, the General Assembly has been postponed until further notice. We will of course inform all EDINNA members once a decision on how to proceed has been made and a new date for the General Assembly has been planned. We recommend members who have already made reservations to cancel them immediately.

We will keep everyone posted!

General Assembly 2020

The next annual General Assembly of EDINNA will be held in Varna, Bulgaria from 11 – 13 May 2020. Members and associated members of EDINNA are invited. If you want to attend the Assembly, you can fill out this registration form

More information on the General Assembly you can find in the latest Newsletter of January 2020.

At this moment the program is under construction; we will inform you about this as soon as possible.

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