COMPETING will pave the way for the introduction of competency based future proof education and training for inland navigation crew members throughout the European Union. Future certificates will be recognised throughout Europe. Sustainable solutions, automation and digitalisation as well as communication on a European level will be part of the education and training programmes. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase labour mobility in the inland shipping sector. COMPETING is a Erasmus+ project.

1System 4 IWT Learning’

As you might know, the  STC Group is currently in the process of finalising a proposal in cooperation with other EDINNA partners for ’1System 4 IWT Learning‘, which will be a follow up to our succesfull COMPETING project. 

In order to give this new project as much range and as varied input as possible, EDINNA is calling its full members to consider to participate in ‘1System 4 IWT Learning‘. If you have any questions regarding this request,  please do not hesitate to contact us.